Blissful Oldies-Rare Bengali Gems by Sachin 'Da'"

Sachin Dev Burman: S D Burman Born on October 01, 1906 in Comilla, Bangladesh and died on October 31, 1975, Sachin Dev Burman was a scion of the princely family of Tripura, now a state of India. His royalty is reflected in his unmistakable unique yet simple style of singing which holds the listner spell bound. Classical training was given by his father, sitarist and dhrupad singer Nabadwipchandra Dev Burman and later by Ustad Badal Khan as well as by Bhishmadev Chattopadhyay. Early work for radio was based on East Bengali and north eastern folk-music. In early 30s, he made a reputation in Bengal as a singer of folk and light classical music and sang at the Allahabad Sangeet Sammelan (Music Conference) in 1935. First record was of a Nazrul Islam composition, leading to a long and productive relationship with the writer and composer. His debut in film singing was for Pankaj Mullick in Atorthy's 'Yahudi Ki Ladki'(1933) but the songs were scrapped and re-sung by Pahadi Sanyal. First film as a singer was Tinkari Chakraborthy's Sanjher Pidim (1935). He also acted in Dhiren Ganguli's 'Bidrohi' (1935). He was music director from 1939 till his death. His famous compositions in the film 'Aradhana','Guide','Amar Prem' etc. are very prolific yet soul touching. His regal and intoxicating voice sounds as if a very harmonious instrument is being played. His compositions had a unique sense of spiritual 'nirvana'. His simple yet soul touching use of instruments is nothing short of meditative trance. The few songs he ever sang are timelss, intoxicating and ever fresh, each carrying a deeper meaning of life. All his songs are sung gustoso. Each song he composed, directed or sang himself fathoms one's personal triumphs and tragedies. Lots of other singers have come and gone but nobody touches the soul so deeply than Sachin 'Da', as he was affectionately called. He truly was 'The Inimitable'. Click on the link to listen to some of his memorable songs.

Sachin "Da" Himself Live-A Rare Treat

Pictorial tribute to Sachin 'Da'

R D Burman Paying homage to his mentor Sachin 'Da'-part 1

Kishore Kumar Paying homage to his mentor Sachin 'Da'-part 2

Kishore Kumar Paying homage to his mentor Sachin 'Da'-part 3

S D Burman-in his own voice and homage by varoius artists-part 4

1. Aami_Potho_Cheye_Robo

2. Ajo_Akasher_Patho

3. Ankhi_Jut_Jhare_Hai

4. Baje_Na_Banshi_Go

5. Banshi_Shune_Aar_Kaj_Nai

6. Barne_Gandhe_Chhande

7. Biroho_Boro

8. Bone_Phagun_Mone_Aagun

9. Dur_Kon_Parabase

10. Gaaner_Koli_Shurer_Durite

11. Ghum_Bhuleshi

12. Jhilmil_Jhilmil

13. Kaandibo_Naa_Phaagun_Gele

14. Ke_Jaasre_Bhati_Gaon

15. Kuhu_Kuhu_Koyeliaa

16. Malakhani_Chhilo_Hate

17. Mano_Dilona_Badhu

18. Na_Aamare_Shoshi

19. Nishithe_Jaio_Phooboney

20. O_Jani_Bhomera

21.Rangeela Re Bandhu-Video

22. Shune_Tak_Dhun

23. Tumi_Aar_Nei_Se_Tumi

More Bangla classics sung by S D Burman

More Ungorgettable Compositions Of 'Sachin Da'

S D Burman's Hindi Songs List

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