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To create sound files:connect the sound source to the microphone input of the computer, keep input volume to the barest minimum.Record using audiorack software or any other. Or go to and purchase the Total Recorder. After installing it, click on 'Recording Source & parameters'. Click on 'Soundboard'. Click on 'Change'. Under name , change to CD quality. Under format ,change it to PCM. The 'Attributes' should read as 44.100 kHZ, 16 bit stereo. Click 'OK'. You are now back to 'Recording source and parameters'. Now check the box where it says software and close the window. Now go to my website. Also open 'TotalRecorder". Click on the song which you want to record and simulatneously click on the record button on the 'TotalRecorder'. After the song has played out, click on the 'Stop' button, then click on the 'Volume' button of 'Totarecorder' and 'normalize' this file to 85%., then save it as 'The name of the song' in 'My Music' in 'My Documents'. Then go to 'Programs, then 'accessories' and then 'entertainment' and open the 'sound recorder'. Open the saved file in the 'sound recorder' and click on 'effects' and keep decreasing volume till there is no distortion when you playback the song. Normally it takes two or three tries. Now, this updated saved 'wave' file can be burnt onto a CD or you can convert it to an MP3 (with an MP3 converter).

Open this edited file or any other audio file you already have, in the input section of RealEncoder or RealProducer, which can be downloaded from The encoded file will be saved as .rm file. Upload it to your directory on your website.Right click on this uploaded link and copy the shortcut. Open Notepad and paste this link. Then save this pasted link as "name of song" with an extention .ram. Upload this .ram file to your same directory on your website as the one where you uploaded the previous file with the .rm extesion. Right click on this link and copy shortcut after the "href link". This will help open the .rm file quickly. Paste this shortcut in your webpage. If you have any problems, I 'm only an e-mail away. Good Luck.

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